"Twist", Chubby Checker

dou risada sozinho ouvindo essas coisas! :-P hahahaha

The Twist:


Let's Twist Again:


"Come on baby let's do the twist
Come on baaaaabyyyy let's do the twist
Take me by my little hand and go like this"

"Yeah daddy is sleepin' and mama ain't around
We're gonna twisty twisty twisty
'Til we turn the house down"



"Come on everybody clap your hands
now you're looking good
i'm gonna sing my song and you won't take long
we gotta do the twist and it goes like this"

"Come ooooooon let's twist again like we did last summer
yeeeeeah, let's twist again... like we did last yeeeeeeear"

"dooo yoooou remember when things were really hummin'
yeah, let's twist again, twistin' time is heeeeere"

"Yeah round 'n around 'n up 'n down we goooooo again
oh baby make me know you love me soooo"

"Who's that flyin' up there
Is it a bird, noooo
Is it a plane, nooooooo
Is it the twister, yeeeeeeeaaaaaah"



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