Melhores Posts, Artigos e Vídeos da Semana (5)

Seleção de links que mais me interessaram nesta semana, e que compartilhei no twitter, linkedin e facebook ;)

Every Marketer Should Be Technical | SEOmoz http://buff.ly/T8kJNT

New Rules for the New Economy - KK http://buff.ly/Y3mQHH

Big Data Is Not the New Oil - Jer Thorp-Harvard Business Review http://buff.ly/Sk7Ccp

10 Ways To Craft Your Resume For Ultra-Short Attention Spans | Fast Company http://buff.ly/VNgy9e

The 22 Most Common Mistakes Made During Statistical Analysis http://buff.ly/VNae1q

Ci&T's High Performance Teams vs. Traditional Software Factory Model - YouTube http://buff.ly/U8wLJE

SHOW! 20 SuperExperts em Marketing fazem Previsões p/ 2013 + Dicas de Marketing Pessoal e Aprendizado http://buff.ly/WtJeUp

The Psychology of Cults and Marketing http://buff.ly/ZnCHBu

Melhor discurso da história do cinema - Legendado: Chaplin, MESSAGE FOR ALL OF HUMANITY http://buff.ly/12nVFaf

How Do We Prepare Kids for Jobs We Can't Imagine Yet? Teach Imagination http://buff.ly/12niVVN

How Patagonia Makes More Money By Trying To Make Less | Co.Exis http://buff.ly/SDamSj

10 Step Guide for Making Your New Year’s Resolutions — PsyBlog http://buff.ly/TsJINE

5 Steps to Connecting with the Movers and Shakers on LinkedIn http://buff.ly/y40HUE

15 Incríveis de Modelos de Negócios por Assinatura. : BizRevolution http://buff.ly/Zd2ImM

SWOT analysis: how to create a useful one - YouTube http://buff.ly/Zd2xYS

Design para quem não é designer « http://Efetividade.net  http://buff.ly/Zd2jRp

Época NEGÓCIOS: Sua mente e a nova economia http://buff.ly/12k3iOU

FAQ: Machine and Deep Learning, Big Data, Data Mining, Statistics, Decision & Risk Analysis, Probability, Fuzzy Logic http://buff.ly/X4VDzw

SEO in 2013 and the Importance of AuthorRank | BlogHer http://buff.ly/YIxSlT

The Ultimate Guide to Startup Marketing http://buff.ly/OGgkym

What if we learned from 2012's biggest buzzes? | LinkedIn http://buff.ly/VOvjZm

Escola de SP não separa alunos por séries e troca disciplinas por projetos http://buff.ly/SLfdRA

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