Marketing e Inovação: Melhores Posts, Artigos e Vídeos - Março/2013

Os melhores links que vi neste mês de Março/2013 sobre Marketing, Ciência, Tecnologia e Inovação - e fico compartilhando no Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin e Google+.

Dinâmica e Tendências Recentes da Economia Brasileira - FEV/2013 - CGEE http://buff.ly/ZQvvg0

25 Technologies Every Smart City Should Have http://buff.ly/UtkZcS

Video: Graphene: The Next Wonder Material? - ChemMatters http://buff.ly/ZJUHF9

A Foolproof Way To Increase Your Success Rate Significantly | Grow Everything. http://buff.ly/XlAAsE

Light After Death: Mihoko Ogaki’s ‘Milky Way’ Figures Project Stars from Within | Colossal http://buff.ly/Y6ig7r

Video: What is Moonshot Thinking? - Solve for X http://buff.ly/YPHE4p

PDF Guia de Investimento 64 págs. > Motivos para investir em Campinas-SP | Prefeitura Municipal http://buff.ly/12kef5R

Cool and Creative Bus Stop Ads http://buff.ly/WzVR64

Lâmpada de microalgas será a iluminação do futuro — http://buff.ly/13vYapF

Breakthrough In Materials Could Revolutionize Electronics http://buff.ly/YbqhrR

Breakthrough May Lead To Anti-Aging Drugs In Five Years http://buff.ly/Y8p30m

3D Printed Dress - PSFK http://buff.ly/Y6qQTG

The Innovator’s Mindset http://buff.ly/Aeu0D0

Uma caneta que escreve em 3D : Update or Die http://bit.ly/XjtWqa

Vídeo+Slides: Dilma lança plano Inova Empresa com investimentos de R$ 32,5 bilhões para Inovação Tecnológica http://buff.ly/YgChbz

6-Step Blueprint to Build Innovation Momentum http://buff.ly/Z7ra7U

Thinking of a Career Change? Unemployed? Use Hard Trends to Shape Your Future http://buff.ly/XSjQtt

Is This What Urban Buildings Will Look Like In 2050? http://buff.ly/YDTqLI

Marketing data: exploration vs. confirmation - Chief Marketing Technologist http://bit.ly/XzkBHB

Why Synthetic Biology Is the Field of the Future — NOVA Next http://buff.ly/WvN9BA

Tiny Drone Camera Hovers Over Your Shoulder And Records Your Life | The Creators Project http://buff.ly/UAiKnW

The future of health technology http://buff.ly/QEPz0z

4 Popular Marketing Concepts That Need to be Rethought http://buff.ly/W6t5X7

SXSW 2013 - BizRevolution - Resumo dos dias 1 (http://buff.ly/Y5yei7), 2 (http://buff.ly/Y5yg9K), 3 (http://buff.ly/ZzNdo7), 4 (http://buff.ly/ZFAErc), 5 (http://buff.ly/Yarob7)

Future Work Skills 2020 - Apollo Research Institute http://www.iftf.org/our-work/global-landscape/work/future-work-skills-2020/

Nassim N. Taleb : Beware the Big Errors of 'Big Data' | Wired http://buff.ly/WXMf46

Miguel Nicolelis: Um macaco controlando um robô, com o pensamento. sério. http://buff.ly/XknX1e

Video: 6 new pitches for selling your product, your idea, or yourself | Daniel Pink http://buff.ly/15dnRip

Sitting Is the Smoking of Our Generation - Harvard Business Review http://bit.ly/10ugCms

10 tecnologias emergentes que podem salvar economia mundial http://buff.ly/XDbyW9

Investing in Marketing Technology Future - Marketing Technology Office http://buff.ly/YGTTQK

The future of financial technology http://buff.ly/Q8Z9v4

Infográfico com os principais motivos do abandono de carrinhos de compra | PontoCommerce http://buff.ly/XUhytX

The 5 Questions Every Company Should Ask Itself http://bit.ly/YxLi14

Agile marketing in 20 slides and 5 minutes (video) - Chief Marketing Technologist http://buff.ly/12ozFPk

Despite all of this amounts of data, if aren't good at these 3 things - it's imposible to succeed - Avinash Kaushik http://buff.ly/OnZJ0S

Seth's Blog: Macro trends don't matter so much http://zite.to/XWbW5W

Harvard Develops Micro-Drones Based On Origami http://buff.ly/15mzSPy

RAND Report: The Potential of Nanotechnology for Molecular Manufacturing http://buff.ly/Yub0Cq

Keep Your Car Cool And Charged With This Solar-Powered Car Blanket http://buff.ly/138AFIF

Royal London Hospital: diversão e arte a serviço do bem estar : Update or Die http://buff.ly/13vTdN

The future of education technology | Envisioning Technology http://buff.ly/OmrVox

11 Emerging Scientific Fields That You Should Know About http://bit.ly/YFphiv

Innovation Excellence | Creativity & the Imagination - Ken Robinson http://buff.ly/13AYQyt

Infográfico Exame | Grandes Oportunidades de Negócio: 8 tendências que vão somar US$ 27 trilhões no PIB mundial http://buff.ly/12ovGlR

3D Desktop Computer Lets User Reach Inside To Grab Files - PSFK http://buff.ly/13kSTWt

Before You Innovate, Ask the Right Questions - Greg Satell-Harvard Business Review http://bit.ly/12E9HY9

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